The Cathedral Constables' Association

The association was set up to preserve the history and tradition of the cathedral constables who protect some Anglican cathedrals. The association is managed by a chief officer who reports to our Leaders' Council, a body made up of head constables and the chief beadle of Westminster Abbey.

The association aims to foster links between the constables and other security staff employed by England's Anglican cathedrals, in order to share expertise and best practice.

By acting as a virtual resource, the association aims to provide head constables and security managers, with opportunities to come together for training and development.

Through the fostering of fellowship, the association aims to raise funds for charitable causes. For example, the proceeds from the sale of Cathedral Beat are used to support orphans living in Zimbabwe. 

By giving due recognition to officers who have served their respective cathedrals faithfully with long service and good conduct.

CCA's design for its faithful service medal.

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