Constables' Reflection

Mayhem: Head Constable 1101

I had just arrived on duty at 18.30 and was enjoying a coffee with my partner for the night, Constable 1102. The day sticks in my mind because Manchester United were due to play Real Madrid in the Champions League. This, we hoped, would be the only significant event of the shift. How wrong could we have been? 


The day shift had just left the Lodge when an urgent call came in from one of the student accommodation blocks. We provide security to the college campus, as well as the Cathedral. The almost hysterical student on the other end of the phone reported that a man, armed with a knife, had broken into the accommodation and was roaming about. Constable 1102 and I immediately left the Lodge and ran to the accommodation block. Although we had stab vests available, in the urgency of the situation, we forgot to put them on. Not too clever given what was to unfold. 

Arriving at the scene, several students directed us to the intruder’s location. Upon finding him, we noticed that he was brandishing a large barbeque fork. The man, of Nigerian decent, slim build and wearing a blood stained t-shirt, lemon coloured shorts and flip flops, immediately upon seeing us, lashed out and attempted to stab at us. Constable 1102 and I managed to grab him and wrestle him to the floor. However, somehow he struggled free and ran off down the corridor. We gave pursuit, and catching up with him, we again restrained him. This time, taking no risks, we held him tightly; he was well and truly apprehended. Both of us were covered in blood; the assailant had badly cut his hand breaking a window to gain entry. Soon the police arrived and our intruder was in custody. 

The next day the police visited the Cathedral. Constable 1102 and I were commended by the officers for our action. They also let us know that the assailant was charged with attempted murder; he had stabbed someone earlier that day. Unbeknown to us, at the time of the incident, he had also been carrying a six inch knife, strapped to his thigh. Looking back, Constable 1102 and I were lucky to come out unscathed. On a positive note, since this incident, constables are more inclined to wear their stab vests.

The two officers received a commendation for their bravery from the CCA in respect of this serious incident.











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