0, gentle Lord! Keep the daylight watch with me.

As I begin my tour of duty, I ask Your protection from all mental, physical and spiritual harm.

Sustain me with the knowledge that I am doing Your work, endeavouring to keep peace among Your people.

Help me to be just as I enforce the law without prejudice or favour to anyone.

May I be courageous but not reckless in carrying out my duties.

Let me respond to all calls with haste realizing that so many are dependent on me for life and safety.

Support me with your consoling power when I am tempted to think no one really cares and that I am taken for granted.

Sustain in me the conviction that so many thousands do care and are grateful for my presence.

Grant that I may be loyal to my partner and my fellow officers, and that I may back them up effectively when called upon for assistance.

Lord, I ask that I may return safely, after my tour of duty, to my loved ones and those who love me.

I pray that I may be a good and honourable constable, and after my tour of duty is over here on earth, may I enjoy the peace and happiness of heaven that You have promised to those who serve you well.


Adapted from a prayer by Rev. Robert F. Grady (1924-1989)

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